I had planned a completely different post for you this morning and then last night I ran across this idea from Seth Godin (via several other blogs that I can’t wait to tell you all about). He absolutely blew me away! I knew immediately that this was something I needed to share. I think the last note of this message is what I was intrigued by with¬†this quote from a couple weeks ago. How do you feel about his statement?…

Now, if you are ready for more to inspire you, follow me to this beautiful new group of kindred (blogger) spirits that I also found last night at Spring Inspiration! I am still learning about them myself but I am so excited about their project mission and group vision that I, again, can’t resist sharing. Please take a moment to see what they are all about…you won’t be disappointed! (ok, that was kind of clich√© but it’s true!)

Photo Credit: Clothes, Cameras, and Coffee

*these images perfectly describe my emotion after my recent discoveries…thanks Roz

Photo Credit: Clothes, Cameras and Coffee

The ladies at Spring strive to “infuse inspiration into the lives of other creative and passionate individuals, to bring together like-minded individuals within a space that is focused on the journey involved with bringing dreams to life, and the reality that accompanies following a unique vision…When seeking to live a life with inspiration in full bloom, it is critical to recognize that there is no box into which you must fit, no right way or method, and never just a single path that you must follow.”

Wow! Exciting, right? Have fun!

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