I am so honored to announce that today I have a guest appearance/post at one of my all-time favorite design blogs, Plush Palate.

Image Credit: Plush Palate

I started following Crystal Gentillelo and her beautifully written blog about a year ago and she has now become a daily read. Her gorgeously composed posts inspire and inform my ever growing interest in Interior Design and online publications.

Image Credit: Rue Magazine

Recently, Crystal and a group of wonderfully talented fellow bloggers have embarked on a very exciting adventure…Rue Magazine, an online shelter magazine, which will be launching in September of this year. I highly recommend visiting both Crystal and her team at Rue’s website to see what they promise to share come September 2010. And if you have a moment, please stop by Plush Palate and check out my post. I’m sharing a bit about what summer means to me and would love to have your readership.  A big thanks to Crystal for having me on her blog and giving me such a wonderful opportunity. Have a wonderful weekend and see you all next week!

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