Ok, folks…I’ve got some exciting news! You remember this guyTodd Selby, a photography and style inspiration. Well, I have the chance to meet him!!! Maybe…hopefully! But I need your help. CB2, a hip furniture and decor company specializing in all the best of modern furnishings, is hosting a contest in collaboration with The Selby. The winner is awarded a CB2 gift card and private PHOTO SHOOT with THE SELBY in their place!!! Contestants must submit three photographs of their unique and personalized living space and then get out and gather the votes. The contestants with the most votes proceed to the next round where their spaces will be judged by Todd himself. So, I’ve submitted my entry and now I need your vote! My old photographs of our apartment worked well for this post but I made some improvements and updated the shots. If you would like to help me out and see the new photos, hop on over HERE and cast your vote! It only takes a second and your support would mean so much to me.

I’ve also included a compilation of my favorite CB2 items (inspired by these images below) that I would love to add to our new home.

Photo Credit: Johnny Miller

Photo Credit: Johnny Miller

Image Credit: via CB2, Collaged by Hilary Walker

Wish me luck and cast your vote!

* UPDATE: If you are having trouble voting through Facebook, I recommend following the link above and creating a profile through CB2. It only takes a moment and requires no obligation.

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