After last week’s Blog Crawl, most of you now know that David and I are living the student’s lifestyle while David attends graduate school at TCU. Between school supplies, groceries, bills, rent, etc, etc, there is not much left, as you can imagine, for leisurely apparel shopping. So, I have developed a creative strategy to reconcile our shallow pocket with my appreciation for fine clothing and a varied wardrobe…THRIFTING! But I should be more specific. My plan is to build a platform of current season basics and accent them with bolder pieces of thrifted clothing and accessories. Its the perfect plan! Well made basics are the keystone of every outfit, but many times an extra item (or two, or three) is necessary to take the look to the next level of chic and that’s where my scavenging skills will come in handy.



Basic Gap jeans and tee shirt (which I love and wear ALL the time) and lace-up black pumps from Dillards are the base of this outfit. The candy colored leather handbag and exotic woven jacket make it ready for more than just a trip to the grocery store…(but you could do that, too). And both items were purchased for under $10! I can’t say this enough…you just never know what kind of treasure you will find when thrifting. Here are a few of my recent favorites that I will be wearing all season long.

Now try your hand at it…Happy Thrifting!

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