Ok, so this is a series that I am very excited to announce…Thrifting Thursday’s: From This to That!! It’s no secret that I thoroughly enjoy the adventure of scavenging through the unknown of 2nd hand to find that one special piece that I “can’t live without”. Tuesday’s post made that fact even more clear. But I haven’t mentioned much about thrifting for home items. It is just as thrilling and equally rewarding as shopping for apparel. Just take a look at some of my most recent sightings! These are a few examples of what can be found and how it can be transformed. The possibilities are endless and the treasure is simply waiting to be discovered!

From THIS to THAT: Episode 1!

See what I mean? Diamonds in the rough. I would love to hear about the treasures in your area….in fact, send a few snapshots of what you’ve been finding recently and a listing of the shops you’ve been visiting and I’ll share them with the rest of our community. (hilarywalkerdesign@gmail.com) For┬ámy Fort Worth friends, my favorite local spot is Berry Good Buys on Berry St. near TCU’s campus. It offers a small but stellar round-up of clothing and home goods and proceeds benefit Safe Haven of Tarrant County. They have a Twitter and Facebook account too…love it!! Doesn’t get much better than that, folks. Can’t wait to hear from you all!!

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