Life has a way of leading you along exciting and unexpected paths and the more time I spend searching the more surprised I am at what is found. In the process of my quest to find my artistic calling, I have found Studio Bon, a lovely textile studio founded, owned, and run by Bonnee Sharp.

Bonnee’s beautiful hand-printed designs and cheerful patterns have been a great success with her well-known distributor, F. Schumacher & Co. (You can see her full collection HERE). So much of a success that her budding business is on it’s way to becoming a full bloom and is requiring additional space and assistance. At the right moment and along my specific path, I arrived at the wonderful opportunity to join Bonnee in her work during my days away from Havertys.

Yesterday was my first day, and it is tremendously exciting! I am using a lot of my knowledge from school and blogging and learning much more about textiles, design, and business as well. Along the way, I will certainly keep you all abreast of my adventures with Bonnee and look forward to all the great experiences I will be sharing with her and her work in the future. My heart is telling me this is the beginning of something wonderful!

(All photos credit to Studio Bon Textiles)

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