If you were watching closely, you may have caught this little purse in one of my recent thrifting posts. It is the sweetest fur leather purse strung with a dainty gold chain strap. But the strap never felt sufficient…it needed something more. And the perfect solution? A bright blue taffeta ribbon, of course! Here’s the how-to:

Stringing the Blues

Begin with a purse strap, jewelry pliers, and a favorite ribbon of your choice.

Then, begin to thread your ribbon through the first available chain link on either the left or the right side. (This will be the side without the bow).

Leave a small 3″ tail at the end of your ribbon. Thread ribbon through every 4th chain link, alternating weave from front to back.

Continue to thread the ribbon until you reach the other end of the strap.

Then tie a sizable bow at the other end of the chain strap.

Double tie it to insure security.

Then cut the excess ribbon off of the remaining fabric. Make sure you leave yourself with a bow tail.

Tie the remaining ribbon through a chain link close to the base of the bow and cut the second bow tail.

Securely wrap the tail ends under the bow base……..pouf the ribbon strung chain……..

………Et VOILA!! A simple clutch turned into a one-of-a-kind treasure that all your girlfriends will be asking you about!

Photo Credits: Hilary Walker

You will definitely be seeing more of this personal favorite in future outfit posts! Let me know how your version turns out.

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