Photography is a relatively new interest of mine. Ever since I purchased my Nikon D5000, I have taken up the hobby for blogging purposes and personal enjoyment. Now that I have had the chance to see things from behind the lens, I can appreciate the immense skill and incredible knowledge it takes to produce photography as a piece of art. More and more I have found myself seeking out the work of photographers whose vision and aesthetic I feel a connection to. Recently, I happened upon the work of impressionist photographer Sarah Moon.

Yes! These are photographs, not paintings! I am still very new to this study and even newer to the specific work of Ms. Moon, so I’ll leave critique to those more educated in the subject (such as this excellent article from PHOTOICON). But I can say that her mysteriously alluring subjects strongly attract me with their sense of fantasy, ambiguity, and tactility. I am sharing only a small portion of her work here but I think many of you would appreciate seeing more of her collection. Follow this LINK or the links above to view additional pieces of her work. Can anyone guess the time period in which this artist photographed? (If you read the articles above, you may have been surprised by the answer).

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