Photos: Domino Magazine, Madewell, Elle Decor

Finally, the timing is right to showcase some of my favorite patterns and textures of the entire year! Tweed, leather, wool, cashmere, flannel…all favorites! But one Autumn element that seems to top the rest is plaid. A yearly classic with undeniable heritage and history yet still an easy piece to mix and match and dress up or down.

Photos: Lonny Magazine, Williams Sonoma, Lonny Magazine, Apartment Therapy

Photos: The Smugger, Unknown, Urban Outfitters

My wardrobe is amply stocked with pleated plaid skirts, wintery flannel blouses, and bright tartan ponchos, but my home decor has yet to become involved in the trend. So, I have a few plaid inspired DIY projects for our home up my sleeve that I can’t wait to get started on…now I just have to slow down enough to get them finished! Keep your eyes open for updates in the next few weeks.

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