For quite some time now I have been a huge fan of the residential rug company, FLOR. Aside from the endless accolades I could give this group for environmental friendliness (the design itself is intended to reduce waste, not to mention all THIS) , affordability (buy as much or a little as you want and down the road, if you want more, you can simple add on to what you have!), and flexibility (design your own CUSTOM rug to fit your unique space….and then when you get bored with it…pick it up, rearrange it, and you have a whole new rug!), the most obvious pull to this product are the beautiful designs. And in this season’s catalog, they clearly out-did themselves!

Flor Pattern: Sophist-Ikat

Flor Pattern: More Rockin’

And can you believe that all their products are carpet tiles?? Before Flor, I would have never considered such a thing, but now I won’t have it any other way!

Flor Pattern: Road to Damaskus

Flor Pattern: More Rockin’, Gray Rug Set

Flor Pattern: Mag-Neat-O Radiant

Flor Pattern: Power Nap

Flor Pattern: Velvet Twist

Flor Pattern: Pop Tartan…Here’s another application from MONDAY‘s trend!

Flor Pattern: Rake Me Over

So, apparently I could go on, and on, and on about Flor (I promise, I have no affiliation with the company…just a big fan). To spare you a tour through their entire Fall catalog (have you guessed that I just received mine in the mail, yet?), I’ll let you request one of your own HERE. And after you’ve been converted to awesome Flor-dom, drop back here and let me know which rug you love the most. Happy browsing!!

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