Hello again weekly thrifters! (My spell check is going crazy with all these made up thrift words). This week’s scavenge uncovered some real beauties in the world of second hand furniture. I wish I could have taken them all home with me, but aside from that little thing called a budget I would have had a DIY project to-do list longer than my grocery list! Instead, I left my finds to be discovered and treasured by someone else and collected a few scenarios that demonstrate how something similar would work in your home. Enjoy!

From THIS to THAT: Episode 4

A healthy dose of upholstery cleaner and a crisp slip cover is all you would need to transform this piece…easy as pie!

Another favorite blogger, recent HGTV Design Star, and Secrets from a Stylist hostess, Emily Henderson, shares a similar post each week that I think you might also enjoy…Flea Market Mondays. Emily’s posts are so much fun to read and she always manages to find the most incredible treasures! Stop by when you get a chance and let Emily know that I sent you! Happy thrifting!! (there goes my spell check) 😕

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