Joyful holiday celebrations with dear friends and family…DONE. New Year’s resolution…DONE. Un-Goal list…also DONE! So what am I forgetting? Oh yes, of course. My yearly purchase that gives me something special to admire throughout the year as well as keep me on track throughout the week….my wall art calendar! This is something that I look forward to every year and the subsequent art prints have become awesome source material for many a DIY project in my crafting history. If you’re like me, you wait until after the New Year (or just a few days before) to purchase your calendars. The sale prices are just so much better! Since this is the first New Year during which I am blogging, I think it is only appropriate that I share my calendar recommendation.

Cavillini & Co. Press all the way! Their prints are beautifully printed on linen card stock paper and their art choices are always appealing. I first learned about them while working at my parents cafe and bookstore (boy, those were the days!). Each year my parents stocked a handful of their journals and calendars and each year I admired them.

And guess what? Cavillini & Co. prints more than just calendars! Among their collection are weekly planners, wrapping paper, sticky notes…even rubber stamps and a Valentine collection.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea. It¬†would be so much more beneficial and certainly more interesting if you stopped by yourself. Start the year off with beauty! Browse¬†HERE and find they’re distributors HERE.

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