I can’t believe it…I’m still in a swirl of excited shock…I am totally honored to have been awarded Emerson Made’s New Year Bonanza Raffle Giveaway!! If you’ve been around since last Spring, you may remember that I have been in love with Emerson’s beautiful work for quite some time. So, to have the chance to own a few of her pieces is a dream come true!

Emerson has been best known for her charming silk floral accessories, however she recently launched a clothing line this past Fall (and created a stir of excitement among her many fans).

Now one premier season of clothing down, Emerson is well on her way to release her Spring line of clothing. You can find her preview scattered amidst her wonderfully entertaining blog.

If you are classic, cheerful, quirky, colorful, and feminine, you will love Emersonmade! Take a peek!

Thanks, Emerson!!!

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