So, we are now half way through the first month of 2011. (WOW!) New Year resolutions have been made, lists have been organized, and intentions have been verbalized. Do you feel satisfied? Have you put into action the things you intended? Is your list of resolutions fresh on your mind? I know that my focus has strayed a bit. (Daily vitamins, I will be taking you everyday!). So, today I am re-comitting to the plan…

  • Focus
  • Finish what you’ve started
  • Take those daily vitamins
  • And get your booty dancin’!

To start, I am attacking that pile of un-mended clothing that has been on my to-do list forever! Over the Christmas break I was gifted a lovely, bright red singer dress form as well as my grandmother’s old sewing machine. (I feel so fortunate!) What does this mean? My pile of shirts with missing buttons and pants with ripped seams have no excuse to stay put any longer. So, I’m committed to focusing and finishing what I started…or almost started.

Alright…here we go! You with me?

On a side note, I just emailed a dance company in Fort Worth that looks like a really promising opportunity for me and my goal to get back into dance! Yippee!

Photo Credit: Hilary Walker

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