Ok, Texas Winter…I think we’ve had enough! I am definitely ready for sunshine, warmer weather, and brighter colors. My gray and black wardrobe is beginning to depress me! As a result, this week’s Thrifting Thursday episode is intended to offer a bright spot in the gloomy winter day of all DIY-ers. (Or, maybe just those who aspire to finally complete their to-do list of projects).

From This to That: Episode 7

I especially love the project above. Take an old pedestal table, of any kind, and paint it a vibrant shade of your favorite color…like madarin orange for instance! (One of my personal picks for this upcoming Spring). I think the contemporary color choice mixed with the traditional woven rug in the photograph above is very fresh and exciting.

Photo Credits: Snapshots – Hilary Walker, Image 1 – Landon Collis via Desire to Inspire, Image 2 – Design*Sponge

Notice the adorable selection of hardware on the refurbished console in image two. This would be a relatively simple project, as well. Main ingredients? A can of paint (or two) and your favorite grouping of nifty knobs, such as the set below!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Happy thrifting and best of luck DIY-ing!

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