…is classic and its timeless appeal is undeniable. But let’s not forget how tremendously useful it is, as well! Already, I’ve worn my newly acquired EmersonMade over-coat everyday this past week. It is absolutely perfect for this funny time of the year between bitter cold nights and toasty warm afternoons. (Gotta’ love Texas weather!).

In the process of adapting to a more ‘Spring-ish” wardrobe, I also pulled a bit of inspiration from Prada’s collection for this season, which was a definite favorite of mine. (If you haven’t seen THESE videos, you really must!)

All photos credit to David Walker.

Can you tell that I am ready for Spring?!

P.S. Regular programming for “Thrifting Thursdays” has been rescheduled for tomorrow…get ready for a special announcement and feature on Friday!

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