Well, I don’t know about you but I have found a new enthusiasm and verve for color and all its potential after yesterday’s interview! Lauren, thank you again. Now on to the topic for today…this season’s hottest color (in my opinion)…undoubtedly, Mandarin Orange.

1. Kristin Gallipoli, New England Home, Photos by John Gruen 2. J. Crew Collection, Spring 2011 3. Brook&Lyn 4. Tommy Ton for Style.com 5. J. Crew, Spring 2011 6. Natalie Hughes of Canned Fashion, Photo by Vanessa Jackman 7. Natalia Alaverdian by Citizen Couture 8. Peden + Munk 9. Confetti Strand Necklace, Anthropologie

For someone whose favorite color has changed more than one can count on a hand (and is currently completely undecided) my heart is beginning to swoon…for orange!

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