I was shuffling through my mail a few weeks ago and discovered an unexpected treat at the bottom of the pile…a brochure of gorgeous antique furniture for sale through a local auction house. After an initial skim, I decided to lay out the opened advertisement on my kitchen table. A few days later, it was still there…I hadn’t felt the desire to put it away (and I am a very tidy person). Another few days and, still, it remained out in the open on my table. Hmmm, mysterious! Apparently, I wasn’t tired of looking at the lovely pieces…I found myself drawn and attracted to its orderly presentation and informative arrangement.

After a bit more consideration, I realized that the strictly informational presentation is actually what made the pieces so interesting. Instead of being nestled into photoshoot-ready rooms, each piece stood proudly on its own, to be admired not for its contribution to the whole but rather its significance and beauty as an individual.

By the way, it’s now on display in my office and I’m guessing it just might stay there for a little while longer.

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