Yes…I have finally returned from my relocation vacation (well, “vacation” may not be exactly the right word). Although I missed sharing my daily snippet of style and design inspiration, I have to be honest…the time away gave me a wonderful opportunity to consider and reflect on my work here…past, present, and future. If I took the time to go through all my ponderings, you would absolutely be utterly bored, so I will skip a few steps ahead to say that I now have a renewed vision for my work here at Hilary Inspired! You may notice a few alterations over the next several weeks (and some cosmetic improvements as well…that to come a little further down the road). No need to worry, though. I’ll still be sharing those lovely and exciting things that catch and hold my eye and inspire me along the way. In the spirit of today’s title, which expresses the sentiments I have felt for the past few weeks, I want to start with a glimpse into our new home via my favorite type of post…the DIY! No Time to Waste!

This mini-project began when I happened upon a couple of diamonds in the rough at my favorite local thrift store, Berry Good Buys:

I had been eyeing these lamps for a couple of weeks and, to my surprise, no one snatched them up. So when I returned a few days ago, I grabbed them for myself (along with another beauty that I am so excited about!).

My goal was to use the vintage shape of the second-hand lamps and update them with a couple crisp, modern shades. One trip to Target later…mission accomplished!

I found exactly what I was looking for…clean, modern shape, graphic pattern, and two shades of the same size (but a different color) to boot! Here’s how it all came together:

Ahh, the joys of a small victory!

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