Our un-packing progress is slow and tedious so to help me keep my spirits lifted amidst it all, I made a personal goal…to complete at least one area of the house as motivation to continue through the rest. I decided the living room was as good a place to start as any. It makes an encouraging first impression when I walk in the front door at the end of a long day. You saw the beginnings of that project in Monday’s post. A few days later, I laid down our rug. Somehow, that made all the difference in the world…suddenly our arrangement seemed less temporary.

And shortly after that, I began laying the “ground work” for the rest of our home by studying up on archives of design inspiration. (Domino, oh, how I miss you!) There is a reason I hold on to so many books and magazines…I am constantly finding new bits of inspiration to pull from my ever growing collection (and the old editions never cease to offer reliable resources for idea gathering).

My ensemble felt a bit studious, as well. Classic plaid, school-girl skirt length, and collared button-up. Yes, it was all too appropriate!

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