Have I ever told you the story about this unusual art accessory?

Well, if not…here goes. When David and I moved into our first apartment in Fort Worth, we decided to change out all of our light bulbs from incandescent to fluorescent lights. Less energy, less heat, and lower electricity bills! But what to do with the now out-of-date incandescent bulbs? I was ready to toss them to the curb (which would not have been very eco-friendly) when David suggested something radical…why not save them as a modernist art piece…maybe even a bit Dada-esque. Is a pile of light bulbs  art? Or perhaps a social statement about the progress of technology?

Well, they also just look cool! To add to the fun, we turned over an unused lamp shade to hold our collection of bulbs. In one swoop we managed to save a handful of perfectly usable items from the dump. And my favorite part about this installation, besides the inside story that David and I (and now you) share?…the milky white glass bulbs against the polished brass shade lining. It is such an attractive contrast!

Now for the good part…a few nights ago, David informed me that he had something special to bring home for me. (Oooo! A surprise!) When he arrived home, the surprise was even better than I expected…an awesome addition to our bulb collection! He managed to pick up a discarded stage light from school. I was in love! It is so huge!!! And more like a piece of sculpture than simply a means of light.

I have a feeling this guy is going to be with me for a while. 🙂

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