Push has now finally come to shove…David and I are not getting a moment younger and so, with the intention of a long, happy, healthy life, we have decided to take a more serious look at our diet. (Yikes, a diet). Ok, let’s not think of it as a diet. Perhaps improved eating would be a better description! In reality, we are not as interested in weight loss (although that certainly wouldn’t hurt a few regions of my figure), but rather better overall health. So, it has fallen on me to make wiser selections at the grocery store. As many of you probably know, that can be difficult! In a recent trip to my new favorite grocer (if you have a Sprouts in your neighborhood, you must visit!) I had a simple yet fantastic realization. New rule of thumb – Eat Beautifully!

Perhaps it’s an overly simplistic idea, but I have found that the healthiest foods are often the most beautiful…wouldn’t you agree? Fresh, whole, straight from the hand of God foods!

Now, before you hold me to a purist standard, I should say that the goal is lofty (and I just might occasionally find myself astray). But while we may not adhere to it strictly, the intention has been decidedly made. The philosophy in a nutshell? Beautiful food, healthy body, happy life!

Just as we beautify our living spaces to enhance our lives, why not beautify our food choices to improve our health? Sometimes its just that simple.

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