Each week a new list of to-do’s are crossed off my list. Most recently, I have hung curtains, organized more unpacked clutter, and picked-up a fabulous accent chair at you know where (more on that later). While considering this next week’s tasks, I have also committed myself to retrieving the sketchpad and pencil and fine tuning my drawing skills once again. It’s a pass-time that I enjoy as well as a professional necessity that I am determined not to lose. The best part of this newly restored activity is the arrangement I have set-up to accommodate it…a small, sun-filled nook in the kitchen, steps away from the kettle, a hot cup of tea, and a tasty snack. Considering the glorious Spring weather we are experiencing, I decided to begin with floral sketches…simple, yes…still charming, of course!

And endless inspiration for bohemian styled outfits!

The “canvas” is set and my pencil is ready…now all I’m missing is that hot cup of tea.

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