I’m happy to say that my plan to begin sketching and drawing again has not fallen to the wayside like the fate of so many other projects. (…ahem, trying to shirk that reputation). So, here is a recent glimpse behind the scenes of my easel.

I chose to work with water color pencils, a favorite method of mine (you can find these at most craft stores). The work is simple but requires a few finishing touches. It involves sketching and coloring the objects first then completing them with a layer of water carefully brushed over the colored pencil markings.
When you have a moment of peace and quiet (even if it is fleeting), I recommend grabbing a pencil and jotting down a few sketches…it doesn’t have to be great or even good! But you see things so differently when you focus your eye on drawing it. Details that you never noticed suddenly make themselves apparent and you wonder how you missed them all this time! Have you had this experience before? And if so, what did you discover?

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