Wedding season for the lady-folk means lots of dresses. Sun-dresses for showers and luncheons, party dresses for rehearsal dinners and bachelorette events. And then of course, there is the dress for the actual event…the wedding! Well, this past weekend gave me the opportunity to doll up my dress ensembles for a special occasion. I love the common phrase ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ because I find it to be frequently true in my life. For example, a pair of my favorite vintage shoes have been sitting idle in my closet for the past several months due to the fact that their strap doesn’t feel sufficiently sturdy. I have had my eyes on them for the longest time…wishing they were stronger and searching for a solution that would finally allow me to wear them. In preparation for my brother’s rehearsal dinner this past weekend, all it took was a little inspiration to discover the solution. And voila!

…they are fixed! I found a couple paisley printed silk scarves (long and narrow) with complementing color schemes and used them to tie under the sole of my shoe and around my ankle, making a strong yet adjustable strap as well as adding pretty bow embellishment to a classic pair of white pumps.


I now have a lovely pair of heels that feel totally new and unique! (not to mention perfectly girly and wedding appropriate!)

All Photos Credit to David Walker

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