All Photos Credit to Abelardo Morell via National Geographic

Life is full of small and curious things that inspire me and it seems as though I run across a new discovery everyday. Occasionally, though, I stumble upon something truly extraordinary…today’s post is about such a discovery. A friend recently alerted me to a fascinating photographer, Abelardo Morell, who has been working in the technique of Camera Obscura for many years (a photographic process with a long and rich history,
which involves images projected into a dark room through a small pinpoint).

Over the years, he has taken the science project meets art form to a stunning new level by using beautiful landscapes over the setting of an ordinary room.

Now, I am far from knowing enough about this artist and technique to speak confidently about his work so I highly encourage you to take a moment to read THIS short article and watch THIS brief video. But his work is just so curiously fascinating and compelling…there is certainly much more here than meets the eye!

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