While road tripping around the hills of Tennessee, David and I also made a short stop at the world famous and quintessentially Tennessee Jack Daniel’s Distillery (a visit we had shamefully never made before).

I have always been very sensitive to environmental influences. (makes sense, right?)
So, I was especially surprised when all my preconceived ideas of a whiskey distillery (not exactly sure where I formed those) were entirely off! Set against lush, green hills and fresh, babbling springs, the distillery is peaceful, bustling, and beautiful all at the same time. Like a typical tourist, I had my camera in hand and ready to shoot the entire time. However, my eyes were focused on the smaller details of the distillery’s scene that are most likely less than typical.

Like the color contrast of bright, white siding against dark, green trees…the texture of metal siding altered by the organic reaction of corn mash and yeast in the air…the pattern that running water makes as it falls over pebble stones…and the light that catches on the leaves of climbing ivy.

Besides the folk-lore of Mr. Daniel’s himself and the fascinating process of distilling whiskey, the scenery in which it all takes place was my favorite part. Moist, green forestry…cool, running water…gray, weathered wood…striking, ebony tree trunks…what can I say? The background makes the place. Don’t you agree?

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