For some unsolvable reason, I have always secretly admired the pursuit of the minimalist…the aesthete who chooses to pare his or her surroundings and expressions down to exactly the essentials, nothing more nothing less. It strikes me as incredibly noble. Despite my greatest attempts at this lifestyle (although apparently not great enough to be noticeable) I can’t avoid my natural tendencies towards layers and layers of color, texture, and detail (and, if you haven’t already noticed, superlative descriptors). Before you mistake my meaning, though, I should clarify that my appreciation of careful editing is certainly no less focused. I am a tireless clutter purger. But perhaps I am just now beginning to reconcile the dichotomy within myself. I want more than the minimal but less than the excessive…make sense?

This vibrant pink orchid is the perfect example. It is strong enough to sing boldly on its own without the help of any supporting characters but placed in front of this equally vivacious collage of artwork, the two harmonize magnificently. In fact, I might even say that one would not have been as good without the other. (my opinion…just saying).

Bright colors, bold shapes, exotic appeal…many times more is merrier, bigger is better, and too much of a good thing is just fine…as long as you don’t neglect to proofread. (thanks Mom)

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