1. Peacock Creamware Vase 2. Organic Beach Bath Towel 3. Gold Brown Paper Vessel 4. Cobalt Blue Glasses 5. Brass Hollywood Regency Lamp 6. Original Gouache Painting – 1 7. Original Gouache Painting – 2 8. Green & Blue Marbled Earrings 9. Wooden Letter “H” 10. Jeanne D’Arc Embroidered Dress 11. Two-Sided Pedestal Vanity 12. Needlepoint Pillow 13. Retro Yellow Urn 14. Graphic Orange Steelcase Chair 15. Blue Floral Heels 16. Cadeaux Beaded Necklace

#1 Favorite thing about Etsy: their spirit of community and entrepreneurship. #2 Favorite thing about Etsy: their beautiful collages of hand-picked items on the opening page (visit the site to see what I mean). Every day offers a new and inspiring compilation of talented artists, craftsmen, and vintage curators arranged to fit the month, week, day, and even hour. These style stories are “An ever-changing, member-curated shopping gallery” and created by theme, color, season, and craft. So, today I am sharing my own style story/shopping gallery… my current favorites that found their way into my {heart} list. Enjoy! (I tried to think of a title but couldn’t…any suggestions?)

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