I’ve told you about my Thrifting hobby and given a few pieces of scavenging advice, but I haven’t yet mentioned that antique shopping is also a favorite activity of mine, though a bit less frequently done. Lucky for me To make matters worse, our house is just minutes from one of the better antique malls in Fort Worth, Montgomery Antique Mall. Several days ago, a friend and I stopped by to browse and enjoy a pleasant cafe lunch at the mall’s Secret Garden Restaurant.

It was lovely and I look forward to returning soon! While perusing the many interesting booths, I snapped photos of a few favorite items of interest…

Brightly colored glass and ceramic,

Unique textiles,

And exotic jewelry and art,

As it is, this could even be used as a simplified antique shopping guide… don’t worry about looking at everything, just focus on the things that catch your eye and make you stop. That’s what I do, at least.

Cheers to Monday and happy antiquing!!

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