I have joined Instagram and am totally hooked! What’s Instagram, you ask? It is a free application available for the iPhone (they’re working on adapting it to other platforms) that allows you to share your candid photos with a community of followers easily and instantly using brief captions and pre-designed filters to create unique and beautiful images. Thanks to my dear friend, Mandy, who introduced me to the app, I now have a Hilary Inspired Instagram channel. Besides the fact that I have become totally obsessed with the whole idea, I love binge able to capture simple moments in life and see them through a different lens… literally! Here are a few of the snapshots I’ve taken since I joined.

Aren’t these filters fun?!

You can download the app for free via The App Store on your phone or computer. If you have an iPhone (remember, more platforms coming in the future if you don’t have an iPhone) join me by searching for the username “hilaryinspired” and clicking the “Follow” button. I’d love to return the favor!!

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