If flowers could speak, these would be singing my song today! After 7 long weeks apart, my dearest husband will be returning from Interlochen, Michigan where he spent the summer on staff at Interlochen School for the Arts. It was a tremendous experience for him, but it is well time for our reunion. In preparing for his return, I snatched this bunch of summer’s harvest while grocery shopping. They aren’t anything fancy or exotic but they fit my mood perfectly! Full of bright cheerfulness, excitement, and energy… a pleasant reminder that today is a special day!

I also discovered the most beautiful blog penned by a terribly talented (yes, it’s just terrible how talented she is!) floral designer (you should see her new website) and all around creative lady from Brooklyn. Amy Merrick of An Apple a Day blog designs fresh, fluid, charming, and simply beautiful floral arrangements. She writes short, witty and sometimes quite compelling commentaries to go along with her photographs and can also be found stepping into stylish cinema at Design Sponge’s “Living In” column. In one fell swoop, Amy has re-committed me to the lifestyle of fresh flowers!

There is no better reason to grace your home with one of nature’s finer gifts than because today is another day, you are still alive, and God has blessed you!

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P.S. Did I mention that I also have an out-of-town guest visiting this week? Lovely Mandy, one of my very best friends! Even more reason to celebrate!!

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