A fellow North Texan and Dallas interior designer, Beth Dotolo has made a big splash in both the interior design industry and blogging community. Her work can be found all over the internet! While tweeting last week (I sound like such nerd, but that’s my life now!) via my home office, I came across an article Beth wrote for Houzz.com explaining the mystery behind the pillow, “What Does Your Pillow Say About You?“. Looking for a quick distraction (those are actually very easy to come by), I hopped over to her article in hopes of unraveling my own mystery.

You’ve probably seen a few of my sofa pillows lying in the background of an outfit post or two. After reading Beth’s wonderfully insightful article, I came to a simple conclusion… I don’t fit into any one category (imagine that) but am rather a combination of many things… eclectic, bohemian, romantic and probably much more. In fact, I think that’s the case with most of us. If you have lived a full, well-expereinced life so far (and I hope you have), your personal style is most likely drawn from a lifetime of unique experiences, all adding up to a very specific and special mix of aesthetic interests and preferences. My advice to you? Don’t ignore the things that you love for the sake of fitting within a category… Those unusual combinations, quirky accessories, and unexpected layouts are the things that will make your home unique and quintessentially YOU! Most designers spend their whole career in search of those qualities. As you can see from my wardrobe and home, I try to embrace that philosophy whole-heartedly!

So, have you examined your pillow stash lately? What are they telling your guests about your style when you’re not listening? Beth’s article is a fun look at what our surroundings say about our personal style. Take a look HERE!

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