I have thoroughly enjoyed the finished product of my gallery wall venture (originally featured HERE). Besides it reminding me of a home project I did actually complete (yes, I have trouble with unfinished projects), I also love that it creates such a strong visual statement near the entrance of our home. It greets our visitors with, “Hello! This is David and Hilary’s home and this is some of what we love and who we are!” The bookcases below the gallery play a wonderful supporting role by providing the perfect ledge for additional displays of personal home decoration.

A dear friend of mine visited from Nashville last week and brought these beautiful gladiolas along with her. What a sweet friend… she knows just what I love! The pink, red, and white blossoms added an interesting layer of color and texture against the picture frames and artwork behind them. Since open surface space can be a rare and precious commodity in small homes (and ours is no exception) I am very grateful to have this perfect little perch to rest my flowers on!

Where do you like to place your fresh flowers?

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