Last minute plans usually go one of two ways, really great or really not. This past Thursday evening, David had a last minute idea for a memorable (and affordable) activity to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary. Our hope… that the plan would be great despite it’s impromptu arrangement. Instead of spending a large amount of money on a fancy restaurant (which we have done before and it was totally enjoyable) he suggested staying in for an evening of wine and art! What’s the art about, you ask? A chance to create our own amateur artwork together over fine wine (and after a delicious home-cooked meal, I might add).

We both feel that original art is an important part of our home and would love to increase our collection. At this point, the “easiest” way for us to do that is by creating our own!! So, after preparing the meal plan, I stopped by Hobby Lobby, picked up a couple of canvases, some acrylic paint, brushes, and a palette and said a quick prayer for a bit of beginners luck to boot. (For those that are curious, our project cost us less than $30 in total!)

It was a bit overwhelming at first, as neither one of us have any real experience with paint, but we were both excited about the idea of making something together. By the end of the night (and many preliminary drafts later), we had completed two works of art conceived individually but created together.

Our amateur pieces of artwork now have a permanent home in our personal collection of original art and we couldn’t be happier!

FYI, if you decide to take on a similar project of your own, please send me pictures! I’m interested in creating an album on Facebook that features the photos I have received from my dear readers’. I’m looking forward to future submissions!

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