As two youngsters close to the academic environment, David and I are still very familiar with the idea of process being equally important as product. In school, this is a luxury that is not often afforded in the professional world. While our grades certainly rested upon the shoulders of the work we produced, it was also emphasized that the learning acquired during the creative process was a significant step to success for the burgeoning artist or designer.

This idea couldn’t have been more clearly demonstrated in our recent anniversary art project.

You may remember the slew of drafts both David and I developed before actually placing brush to canvas…

The initial preparation for our work was extensive and more than either one of us expected but it was absolutely crucial (especially for two wide-eyed beginners like ourselves). By the end of the night, we had a large pile of drafts left over. All together, they made a really interesting visual impression. After hanging the “official” artwork, we realized that the drafts would make a striking installation as well. So, as a part of my birthday gift to David, who celebrated his 26th about a week after our anniversary, I did a little office clean-up and art installation.

My art seeking, forward thinking, process conscious husband loved it, which made me very happy! He can now be inspired by the pieces of the process in a place that is dedicated to his artistic process.

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