I don’t read the newspaper. In fact, does anyone read the paper anymore? (that’s a sad thought to think about). Print publications are becoming more and more of a luxury as fewer and fewer people purchase them. While the paper isn’t a part of my morning routine (I prefer to listen to NPR) I do love the idea of carrying a couple glossy magazines in my tote and flipping through a few pages in the spare moments caught throughout the day. The experience of handling the heavy binding and slippery pages is un-matched (and that’s coming from a girl who spends about 85% of her day on the computer)! Sad as it is, though, our world is changing and that’s a fact. Forgetting those precious things from the past isn’t necessary, however. Rather, a little repurposing may be in order.

Enter, my new favorite bag from my new favorite store!!

Suddenly, this iconic media platform doesn’t have to be a thing of the past. But now, don’t read it… WEAR it!

Unlike THIS cutie from Kate Spade, my new newly appointed bag of the year (which is also half the price of Kate’s) is actually made with real newsprint! (don’t ask me how). And, as if the clutch wasn’t enough, meet it’s cousins the lunch bag, portfolio case, and tote, all equally appealing to my quirky fashion interests.

All jokes aside, though, Nube Green, the online shop that offers these pieces is really fantastic! Their collection of re-purposed items spans everything from furniture and jewelry to textiles and paper goods. They’re not over-priced and their goods are sourced from North American artisans and designers. Win, win!

I sound like an advertisement… I promise, it’s not. Just sharing my love of a new found favorite and hoping that you’ll get to know them too.

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