My recent visit to the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens was pleasant and refreshing. I always love a good afternoon walk in the garden! In addition to the beautiful weather and scenery, I also enjoyed strolling around in my good-for-most-occasions day dress… an old and beloved friend. This charming floral dress is the most comfortable piece of clothing I own and is also perhaps the oldest (to me) item in my closet. Despite the changes in my personal style over the years, I still love it as much today as I did in my early teens and it has maintained it’s appearance surprisingly well over the years, as well. Longevity, comfort, and style – Now that’s the sign of an excellent purchase!

And what would a floral day dress be without my trusty red ballet flats to accompany it? Not as comfy or cute, I can tell you that! These are another pair of staples in my closet right now. I would say I wear them 75% of the week. I’m thinking an alternate set would be a good idea to give these babies an occasional rest. They must be so tired!

Cheers to the beginning of another week, friends! I hope you get the chance to step out and enjoy the beautiful Autumn weather.

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