I received my J. Crew November catalog in the mail this week and oh my golly… it is gorgeous! Now, I promise what you are about to read is not a product push or hidden marketing effort – this blog isn’t that big yet. 😉 No, I’m just totally smitten by the sophisticated yet unexpected color stories and fresh, quirky styling that has become the corner stone of the J. Crew look.

While flipping through the editorial style pages, I was actually less interested in the clothing itself (although I would have gladly taken any of it) and more intrigued by the relaxed, eclectic styling of the clothes and unique color groupings.

Take for instance the recurring mint green and pumpkin orange… if I had suggested those colors together in conversation, would you have bought into it? Or maybe rusty red and neon green… now, that’s one not even I would have been so sure about!

This may not be exactly your style and hopefully it isn’t! We should all command our own individual style beyond the suggestions of popular retailers. But I think it’s worth noting and appreciating the original presentation that J. Crew continues to use season after season. It is so difficult to find things that are truly unique these days. And I’m not saying that what J. Crew has done here has never been seen before – but it’s certainly not the norm!

So the lesson for today – try something new! As much as I love J. Crew’s beautiful apparel, I love their fresh approach!

*AFTERNOON ADDENDUM: These are a few of my current favorite J. Crew things…

1. Printed Paisley Wrap 2. Field Notes  – 3 Pack 3. Lulu Frost Horseshoe Necklace 4. Two-tone Circle Skirt 5. Adrianna Satin Buckle Pumps

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