I must admit… I’m a bit speechless. My short trip to Arizona last week was a refreshing and rejuvenating escape from the worries and woes of ordinary life. The scenery was breathtaking – truly! I could have spent all my time snapping away on my camera, but, in an attempt to have a balanced experience, I limited myself to only a couple photography outings each day. In those short trips, though, I saw so much! My lasting impression of the desert was one of awesome expanse, volume, grandeur, and severe beauty.

Everything in the desert looks ancient, mystical, and severe! The myriad of cacti varieties that grow in the area sprout gorgeous neon blooms in the Spring and don sharp, thistle-y thorns the rest of the year.

Nothing is moderate in the desert. The ground is shriveled and dry, the nights are frigid and the days are squelching, the mountains are grand and awe-inspiring, and the sky is wide, deep, and enchanting.

I didn’t mention it on Friday, but my trip was a bit of a spiritual retreat as well. I visited a monastery of all places! I have been several times before and am always happy to leave my (ultimately) trivial, worldy cares behind for a few days of focus on more internal matters.

The austere desert environment only serves to intensify focus on mystical things. It is a beautiful and perfect setting.

The wide open sky became a frequent subject of interest and fascination too. It was always changing!

I know today’s post is a tad off topic from my usual subject matter but my trip was such a profound and inspiring experience and, after all, that is what this blog is about right? Inspiration!

Looking inside to simpler matters of the heart and soul can be difficult considering the plethora of distractions at our immediate disposal online. I think it’s so important to balance our lives with significant moments outside of our respected fields and away from the network of the internet.

What do you do to reflect and refocus and how do you find moments of peace and solitude?

(Sidenote: I have published many more photos from my trip in a Facebook album. Take a look HERE to see them all!)




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