Are you ready for this? Yes, it’s really back! My old-timers will remember “Thrifting Thursdays“. Well, it has now gotten a bit of a face-lift. After reading through your feedback in my recent survey (which is still open HERE and I would encourage you to join in if you haven’t already), I noticed that several of you still had a fondness for this weekly feature. So here I am, introducing the revamped edition of Thrifting Thursdays in the form of TAKE TWO! This time, however, it’s not only on Thursdays and will include more than just thrift stores. I like keeping things fresh around here and strict schedules tend to crimp my style, so “TAKE TWO” will appear at some point every other week. I’ve also recently tapped into the local flea market scene, which has helped me to realize that there is a lot more to be found in these venues too. So now “TAKE TWO” will include items from thrift stores, flea markets, and estate sales. The possibilities abound!

Today’s feature was spotted at the Fort Worth Flea Market. Acrylic has become a very popular material for all styles of interiors but I had never seen folding acrylic chairs before. Then, wouldn’t you know, a few weeks later I noticed this elegant version of the same type of piece in Bernadette Pascua‘s lovely apartment (as featured in Design*Sponge’s Sneak Peek column).


1st Photo: my own, 2nd Photo: by Andrew Stinson for DECADE & Design*Sponge

Voila, the new series is reborn! What do you think?




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