Over the weekend I made a marvelous discovery! I realized that the documentary I had neglected to view in theaters earlier this Spring was now available on Netflix Instant Play, to which David and I subscribe. “Bill Cunningham New York” is a documentary about the “grandfather” of street style photography and legendary New York Times fashion photography columnist whose influence has spread far beyond the streets of New York, which he has been capturing for the past 60 years.

Going into this viewing, I was expecting to learn no more than the funny quirks, interesting life story, and career game-changers of a fashion industry icon. What I didn’t realize was the profound experience I would have learning about a gentleman whose spirit is as guileless, loving, generous, and enthusiastic as that of a child and whose lifestyle of discipline, dedication, and humility are more akin to that of a monk than anyone else. Bill Cunningham may be a fashion icon but his enthusiasm for beauty and individuality transcend runway shows and seasonal trends in my opinion. He is a beautiful man with a beautiful spirit and I cannot recommend this film enough!! If you are an admirer of beauty and the art of dressing, please watch this film. It will change your perspective.

Sidenote: If you don’t subscribe to the New York Times, you can still find Bill’s work in a charming and enlightening video series that he publishes online. Follow the link HERE to watch.


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