Several months ago I purchased these darling vintage prints at my local thrift store but only recently hung them on the wall. (My life is crazy right now… in a good way). I love the fact that one on it’s own is OK but two together is so much better!! They have a little dialogue going on between the two of them, which I think is so sweet.

After setting aside my camera for the photo above, I noticed the pair hung directly to the right of my vintage prints… also a pretty pair. Hmm… interesting. Then I opened my eyes even further and found more!! Apparently, I have a thing for pairs!

Maybe because it can be rare to find a good looking pair of anything vintage or antique. Or perhaps I have more of a penchant for symmetry than I realized. Either way, I think I’ve purchased my fill for a little while, or at least until the next set grabs me!

How about you? Have you noticed a trend in your purchasing habits?

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