Today’s post is a story about an English teacher and home school tutorial founder turned jewelry designer and vintage re-purposer.

What happens when you work for years developing something, it takes off, becomes a great success, and then you give it flight and move on? You find something else to create and make wonderful! This is the short and sweet story of my high school English tutor, Colleen Whitver. (Can you imagine the tedious editing I’ve done on this post…. pressure!)

I haven’t mentioned it much here, but I was home schooled in middle school through the end of high school. As part of my education, I attended a tutorial program, which was really more like one day of “regular” school and four days of homework. I met and developed some of my dearest friendships there not the least of which were friendships with instructors. My English and literature tutor (and Whitver Tutorial Academy founder), Colleen Whitver was a guiding compass and inspiring motivator during that time. Since my graduation, Colleen has continued to be a dear friend.

As all things in life inevitably change, Colleen felt that such a transition was needed in her life a few years ago and so she chose to retire from her roles at Whitver Academy and pursue other life interests, one of which was vintage jewelry design. And so my long introduction comes to it’s point. Today I am featuring the two pieces of InVintage jewelry, designed and repurposed by Colleen Whitver, that I now own and cherish.

So far, I’ve worn them nearly every day and see no signs of stopping any time soon. I love the Art Deco style bracelet with it’s simple, geometric design and subtle surface detailing and the circular medallion has such a wonderful weight and depth. I feel quite special wearing either!

Colleen’s designs are unique and charming, as you can see, and her prices are very reasonable too. (hint: Christmas gift ideas, anyone?) Prices range from $10 to $250, with the majority of pieces at $25-$65.

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Where can I get my own piece of InVintage jewelry?” If you live in Nashville, TN, then you’re IN LUCK!! Colleen works and sells out of her home in Nashville, frequently showcases her goods at local shops such as Nest Interiors in Edgehill neighborhood, and occasionally attends Nashville craft shows. If you are interested in her designs, visit the InVintage Facebook page, give them a LIKE and drop her a message on the Wall.ย I’m sure she will be more than happy to chat!!

For those of you outside of Nashville, perhaps some clever persuading will result in an Etsy shop some day… it’s worth trying!

Thank you again, Colleen, for the beautiful gift and for sharing your work with all of us here!


* Side note: The items in this post were given as a personal gift which I later felt inspired to feature here on Hilary Inspired.


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