Today’s post description is very short. Not only am I terribly busy but I think I’ve already caught the holiday itch… it’s time for Thanksgiving, no doubt about it!

On Sunday, I wore this favorite vintage shift dress. I love the simplicity of it and the way it makes me feel sort of modern. I decided to pair it with a starched white French cuffed blouse, which turned out to be a wonderfully comfortable ensemble.

Men’s apparel details in women’s clothing can be done two ways – sharp and tailored or relaxed and non-chalant. I chose sharp and tailored. I loved the strict, exaggerated collar and felt a hair fancier than usual with my sophisticated French cuff. The cuff links were a pair I picked up at Berry Good Buys several months ago. The painted face was so unique that I couldn’t pass them up, even though I wasn’t sure if I had a French cuff shirt to use them with. Turns out, I did! Lucky me. They are a treat to wear!


Simple, modern basics… sharp, tailored menswear details… a few spots of sparkle and color. That’s what I wore on Sunday. How about you?


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