Despite growing older every year and seeing the “same” seasonal changes time and time again, I am still so smitten with the colors and textures of Fall. Although I’ve mentioned it many times in the past several weeks, I have yet to dedicate an entire post to what is my most favorite seasonal change of the year! In Tennessee, the vibrant quilt of leafy colors was stunning to the point of frequent distraction. Here is texas, the change is more subtle but none the less inspiring.

The encroaching color changes on our neighbors oak tree leaves caught my eye the other day. Then, shortly after, I noticed the curled shapes of fallen leaves on our front porch step. Each change beautiful in it’s own right!

On a side note, I have been photographing with the manual setting of my camera a lot more lately. That probably doesn’t mean much to many of you, but for those familiar with what I am referring to, you will know what a feat that is for an amateur photographer! Now that I have more flexibility and freedom with my photographs, I have also enjoyed playing around with experimental photo editing as well. Nothing fancy… just new things to me. But today’s photographs stood on their own so well that I left them completely untouched! All bragging aside, I am very happy with how they turned out.

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