I’ve been waiting to share today’s post for what seems like forever!! Several months ago… no, perhaps even more than that, I had this inspiration to take my camera to the “streets” of creative and unique personal homes. It’s no secret that Todd Selby is a significant influencer of mine and fashion street style has long been a source of creative inspiration as well. After making the commitment to mostly original content last Spring, I quickly realized that before long I would need to expand my content to include features and highlights of other inspiring and creative people. Honestly, that’s what inspires me the most! So, I packed my bags and made my first home visit to the mid-century home of Erin Davis and Ben Smithson for episode one of STYLE STORIES. Today’s post is the first of what I hope will be many more and believe will be an exciting experience for us all!

Not one to follow the strict rules of “convention”, I decided to present my features a little differently than many other personal style photographers. Instead of composing the typical typed Q & A or hand written note, I felt that an audio interview would be the most interesting and functional. I’m guilty of looking and running, as many others say – visiting a blog, looking at the pretty pictures, and then dashing away to the next thing. And I get it, too – taking time to read a long interview just doesn’t happen that often online. So, what if you could press PLAY, quickly browse the photos and then move on to another task while the interview continues to play in the background. It works, right?! Well, you’ll have to let me know what you think.

True to my original plan, I’ll let the audio interview with homeowner Erin Davis (and fabulous blogger/friend/product designer) do the talking for me. Without further ado… click the link below to hear my interview with Erin:


And browse their unique home below:

Erin has some mad re-upholstery skills as demonstrated by the mid-century occasional chair and bentwood rocking chair in their entry.

Erin has a beautiful sense of floral composition as well. I loved the asymmetry of this arrangement!

Erin shared the fascinating story of their home’s architect, Cliff May, who designed many of the houses in their neighborhood. If you’re interested in knowing more about Cliff May, take a look at THIS book.

Erin and Ben chillin’ in the kitchen…

…And Buddy, the cat, looking stunningly dapper!

A lovely original pen and watercolor painting by the talented Suzanne Cabrera, a friend of Erin’s, in the master bathroom. Take a peek at Suzanne’s precious blog and Etsy shop to see more!

Funky “hand hangers” designed by none other than Erin herself for Global Views! Yeah… she’s good.

How cool is this adult beanie bag? Perfect for curling up and watching TV!

This vintage sign has the coolest story! It was an old 1950s suburban neighborhood “Welcome” sign… now it makes a great conversation piece and decorative artwork on Erin and Ben’s back patio.

Erin and Buddy sharing a moment…

Thanks so much, guys, for welcoming me into your home and kicking off this exciting new adventure for Hilary Inspired!!!

Don’t forget to swing by Erin and Ben’s blogs! These are truly wonderful people to know.

*In other news, I have joined the talented ladies at PULP Design Studios in Dallas as their social media maven and junior freelance designer. I am so happy to introduce myself on their blog today… take a look HERE!!

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