My, my, my… this has been one heck of a week. I apologize for my unexpected absence from the blog. As you can imagine, a lot has been happening recently. To make it easier for all of us, here’s a list of recent events in the life of Hilary:

  1. Shared a holiday gift guide on Modern Eve
  2. Assisted Denise McGaha Interiors with a designer furniture sample sale
  3. Announced my new involvement with PULP Design Studios and Hello, Splendor
  4. Created buzz about Dallas’ upcoming VandM auction party
  5. Finally interviewed and published Erin and Ben’s STYLE STORY (an exciting new adventure for me)
  6. And oh, yeah… got in a really scary car accident with David!!
We are both safe and uninjured but, needless to say, it shook us up a bit! Our poor car didn’t fair so well. 🙁 It’s a set back now, but this too shall pass (at least that’s what David and I have been telling each other).
Enough with the past, though… Let’s get to the subject of today’s post! Before our horrible car accident, I visited The Dallas Flea with my friend Erin before interviewing her for their Style Story feature. It was a wonderful reminder that unique, one-of-a-kind gifts are the best! We browsed booths curated by vintage shop owners, furniture re-furbishers, and jewelry designers (to name a few). The selection was wonderful and the designs were inspiring! Here are a few of my favorite pieces from our visit.
I LOVED this vintage party dress from Pocketful of Pearls. The detailing was gorgeous!! I would have snatched it up in a second if I could have justified the purchase. Hopefully another lucky soul took it home for a holiday party.
Jarma had a lovely selection of vintage jewelry and accessories!
Leather, Feathers, and Chains certainly had the most unique pieces. I was surprisingly fascinated by these decorative feather should pads/ body chains! I think it would be a stunning accessory over a sleek black ensemble. Perhaps a bit avante garde for the typical party jewelry but you only live once, right?!
These clockwork rings were just one part of an impressive collection of jewelry fashioned with the teeny-tiny parts and pieces of clocks and watches. Somehow I didn’t manage to get their card, though!! If you are familiar with this work, please leave a comment so I can link to their shop. Their designers were magnificent and full of stunning details!
The Lovely Hunter was certainly one of our favorite stops! Erin and I both walked away with adorable vintage dresses at incredible prices!! Take a peek at shop owner Sofia Campbell’s Etsy site to see her full collection.
On our way out, we stopped to chat with another talented shop owner, Ida Gleaton of the urban cottage. Ida is an accountant by day and a furniture magic-worker by night. She takes old pieces of wood furniture and makes them over into truly one-of-a-kind pieces! The black desk in the photo below is exactly the same as the one I have at home except hers is so much better looking with a fresh coat of paint. Maybe this year I’ll finally get around to sprucing it up!
I know many of my readers don’t live in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area, but similar shops can be found all over the world! Markets and shows such as The Dallas Flea are a great resource for discovering these types of businesses. As you are making your Christmas holiday gift lists, consider the local shops and crafters in your area for possible gift ideas. I’m a big supporter of local businesses and it doesn’t hurt that they often offer the most unique gifts!
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