Introducing my good friend Leslie Pritchard of Again & Again… the vintage maven of Dallas!! I took an afternoon to visit her new furniture warehouse and found an incredible treasury of vintage designs! In today’s episode of “Ambassadors of Style”, I ask Leslie a few questions about vintage design, her growing business in Dallas, and share some snapshots from my trip to her shop. Enjoy!

This French style settee was probably my favorite piece in the entire showroom! The bold upholstery fabric caught my attention immediately and then I noticed it’s delicate frame and subtly distressed finish… the perfect combination of old and new!

You never know what you’re going to find at Leslie’s shop… for instance, take this folding “wing-back” chair. I have never seen anything like this before!

The Again & Again workshop offers services ranging from repainting, refinishing, and reupholstery. Leslie also has a large library of fabric samples to choose from, although that shouldn’t limit you! She encourages you to bring her your own fabric of choice if her selection doesn’t suite your style! All work is done in house and you can see the progress onsite, which is very cool if you ask me.

The art selection at Again & Again is fantastic too!!

Thank you again, Leslie, for taking the time to share your expertise on vintage with us today. We are so lucky to have someone like yourself who offers unique and personal alternatives to big box design! I absolutely loved visiting the warehouse and can’t wait to come back again soon!!

*For those outside of the Dallas/ Fort Worth area, you can also view an impressive gallery of Leslie’s current inventory and repurposing services online HERE. If you can’t find something to fill your needs there, Again & Again also offers custom furniture designs. Learn more about that HERE. The options abound!!

Email Leslie for details about shipping and custom design at

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