Leslie Pritchard doesn’t need much introduction. If you live in Dallas and love design, chances are you’ve heard of her vintage furniture heaven known as Again & Again. If not, catch up on Leslie and her day job in yesterday’s post HERE.

Now, onto Leslie’s Style Story… her stunning duplex was designed by rising Dallas Star, Breck Woolsey. HERE is a look at an article about Woolsey in the Dallas Morning News.


I visited Leslie’s home in the late afternoon just as the sun was beginning to wane. The afternoon light poured in through her large dining room window. The soft color and texture variations of the apartment’s palette reflected beautifully in the warm light.

Upon entering, my first impression was the soft color palette, but then I began to take notice of extraordinary pieces of vintage and custom furniture, all sourced from Leslie’s own shop, Again & Again. The wing-back chair below, whose shape became a type of sculpture in the room, was just one such piece. It balanced the wall-sized Craig Schumacher abstract beautifully – Both unique, original, and totally personal!

As I moved from the front living areas into the back bedroom quarters, the light dimmed dramatically and cast a warm glow on everything. It was the perfect setting for Leslie’s muted, feminine color scheme. Despite it’s tight quarters, the back entry/ hallway was hardly neglected. Instead, a marbleized wallpaper in tones of cream and gold clad the walls leading back into the bedrooms.

If there’s one thing besides Leslie’s eye for vintage furniture that I love, it’s her jewelry collection! She always wears the most unique pieces… usually in heavy metals and organic shapes.

The guest bedroom was a cool departure from the warm tones of the rest of the apartment. Powder blue turned out to be the perfect compliment to the pinks, corals, and golds found throughout the rest of the home. Accented with heavy gold gilding, this room would make anyone feel welcome and special!

As I made my way back to the front of the house, I snapped a few more photos of vignettes and scenes I discovered along the way. Each corner turned revealed something new and interesting. Even the kitchen was chic!

I hope this tour has given you a glimpse into the personality of my friend Leslie Pritchard…. warm, generous, individual, art-loving, vintage-inspired, quirky, chic, and always stylin’!

Don’t you just want to curl up next to the kitties and this warm fireplace? Thanks, Leslie, for welcoming me into your home and thanks kitties for putting up with my shenanigans!


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